Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Sale. Eveything Is On Sale

A few weeks ago while walking the property I took some snapshots of sale signs...they're all over the place. Here's one I thought could be a deal. Right smack dab on top of the hill overlooking Cartecay Valley. There's a total of 12 acres but can be split. At the bottom of the hill is a creek that may run about two feet in width most of the time. Price? $15 K per acre but I'll bet that can be whittled down. Rumor has it the owner may be desperate, but that doesn't seem to be new thesedays.

Turning directly around or 180 degrees another sign. Not sure what they want for this one but it's something like 120 acres. Here's a county map showing property areas. The green dot is where I am standing taking the pictures. Dark blue is my property.

Next to the previous sign is another, something like four acres. Yea, I took one last summer but it didn't have any prices.

This morning while investigating a power outage (another tree down) I see another property up for sale. I've only moved 50 feet from the green dot on the map. Actually it's a modular home....aka mobile home. 1550 square feet. 3BR/2BA 1.5 acres. I investigated the sale sign in the window to where I was directed to a website. $59,900 or make an offer. It was repossessed but the sale does not include the land.

I suppose that's the norm for the rest of the country. For sale signs everywhere. On a more positive note I actually saw a new home under construction a few weeks ago. It almost looked strange.

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