Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time For Some Maintenance

I let this repair drag on mainly because I didn't want to hear the worst case scenario. My fear is the drain field may be clogged from who knows what. Having discovered and uncovered part of where the septic was two months ago, the honey truck was finally called in. Knowing very little about the systems, that darned Sycamore only 20 feet away tree started leaching into it. Scott the crapper pumper mentioned in typical Georgia drawl..."Kin, you jest mite have some roots growin' and cloggin' it all up(where it empties into the drain field) on the other side."

Shown in the first pic is a side view before pumping. This is a 1,000 gallon tank (two people have said that) that I guess measures something like 10 x 10 x 10...but it looks like only five feet wide? Apparently it extends about 10 feet to the left in the picture below.

Shown from above or on the side porch, all sorts of smallish roots and matted material...

So that's where I'm at now. I need to dig up other side so I can access the other lid and find out what's clogging it. Hopefully it's a simple cure because the drain field runs into my new garden areas. Why this tank was built this way doesn't make sense, but this place was designed as a weekend retreat and not a permanent home. Accessing the tank requires digging under two foot of soil. I suppose it needs to be pumped every 5-7 years according to Scott but I have plans for a wooden stair way here similar to the one on the other side of the house but longer... That sure screws things up!

And we have a roofer in the house. After the bird feeder got dumped a few months ago it needed a roofing repair....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Happenings

Yesterday afternoon while sitting on the porch having s half a smoke, I heard this yelp..or so it sounded like it,  then a domino effect sound. I knew the log pile fell over. I thought it had been leaning. Guess that's why a cord is measured four feet inn height. It got up to five or six feet. Shown is Lewis inspecting the grounds this morning. I wouldn't have minded if that neighbor dog that yaps at 5 AM was under it, but nope.

Good thing my elephant ear didn't get buried, but lost were 3 or 4 Caladiums.

What good are those little dogs that "mouth off" for no reason? Two weeks ago the place sounded like a freaking kennel out of control. It was horrible! There are something like (3) adult mutts and four or five puppies. I had enough, and made my displeasure known. It was okay for a few weeks until the past few days. First time I've been displeased with my neighbor.

Now good old Lewis (pictured) is a good dog. He barks when necessary, not just to exercise the jaw for nothing. A few days ago while visiting, Lewis begins barking. I figured some critter was about. Sure enough a Heron across the creek appeared unfased by his barking and didn't budge. I don't think Lewis wanted to chase it, as he did his thing from my porch.

Look here, a sunflower opens up. I can't understand why someone up 52 on the way to town has rows and rows of these things and yet mine are decreped looking. Oh well, I don't know how to spell it either.

El Presidente or whatever Lily flowering. Those things aren't healthy looking either...Forget all the Calla Lilies (not shown). I guess they'll wait till next year.

Here's a bright surprise up the drive. It wasn't there last year and is going to town. It's either some kind of wild morning glory, potato vine? Loaded with buds. Incidentally, one flowering morning glory this morning on the side of the house up the chicken wire trellis I built. Maybe all is not lost?

I gave up on the Allysum along the wall here. Now there's some creeping Jenny. Hopefully it will fall over the wall nicely over the next few months. Hard to see, just planted but they're in between the mounding Petunias on the edge. Those sprawling Petunias (last year) are a better choice there.

We just may have some tomatoes soon...someday.

Fish fertilizer. I've been hearing about it..not sure how well it works but I did put some in the hanging planter a few days ago and the plant greened up big time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4 Parade In Ellijay

I never made it last year, my first full year in the area, so I wasn't about to miss it this year. Come to think about it I haven't been to a 4th of July parade in I don't know how many years. Impressive turnout if you ask me, with most of the crowd seemingly out of town folk from the half dozen I polled. The parade starts down near the Pepsi plant or at the corner of Sailers Drive and River Street, runs up River around the roundabout and north to the school area where the annual firework display is held.

What's a holiday without politicians pushing their promises and tossing candy to the kids? I had one guy try shoving a flier in my face when taking some of these pictures. Dude, sure I'll vote for you...but can't you see I'm doing something here?


little dogs...and..

Girls on horseback waving their southern heritage...The one in the rear had a smile for miles.

American Legion...

Looking west to the roundabout...

"What's next?" Asks Ryan after the parade ended.

"Let's just sit here and watch the people" These two girls really stuck out walking back and forth repeatedly. Ryan finally asked them what the purpose was.

"To look cool." Oh my, you figure that one out but this is what I discovered while searching the subject on Google. Sad, if it's the case here.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

DL Hosta Farm - Pictures

I'm off the Day Lily addiction for now, but now it's Hostas! Mother told me about a local nursery she found in the phone book while she was here. Who looks there these days? 21 miles northwest of my home or 9 from the center of Ellijay and nestled in the hills. Beautiful drive going out on 52 east and then north on Zion Hill Road to higher elevations and this little place is almost near the end of the road. The sign said closed when I arrived. Hours 10 AM but I didn't spot the days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until later.

Quarter to ten, I figured I'd wait and have a look around. It didn't take long and someone came through the woods explaining they were closed. "I drove 30 miles and the place is closed? I couldn't find any information on the web, nor did it say anything in the phone book," I said to Fred whom I later found to be the owner's son in law. I had to stretch the truth a whee bit to get some compassion; I was here to buy some stuff! His mother in law in her late seventies runs the place while being originally from the Homestead, Florida area thirty years ago.

Hostas and more Hostas! I said to Fred... "I see price tags and I have cash." Unfortunately we couldn't find a smaller Blue Angel but here's one that is probably fully matured. Gotta love these bigguns.

Big ones and there are little ones. I didn't buy any miniatures and it's probably going to take time to consider putting any of these in around here. After all, I like bushy stuff and not dinky stuff. I did buy some Mouse ears a few weeks ago though. Still don''t know where to put 'em.

Some more dinky stuff..

Some pics of the "farm". Incidentally, a great location for one. It sits right near a good sized running creek, loaded with shade trees, damp, and moist.

So what was purchased..and more important where will they go? I'd been eye balling a large wet area on the west side of the house in the woods and a new area I've been working on the last few weeks. Still not sure about this project. Maybe a few smaller hostas here...and... I dunno.

Great Expectations
First Frost
Vanilla Cream - Smallish
Krossa Regal - Could be larger than five feet across
Undulata Mediovariegata (not an easy name)