Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ut Oh...I Have An Addiction

Can't seem to get enough bulbs! I have this fear I won't have enough to plant. Seriously! This after buying another 240 at Home Depot in Jasper yesterday. Ready to go this morning and it's raining so I thought...maybe other Lowes stores will have some?" Sure enough. Lowes in Canton (45 miles) but I didn't make the trip...yet.

Lowes was definitely lower priced but the question remains how good are the bulbs? 40 bulbs for $ 9.96 or so a month ago. Home Depot is currently 12 for $ 6.95. Those from Lowes are somewhat smaller but not by much. I have encountered about a dozen bad ones though. Yes, there are different types.

The Lowes here in Ellijay is out and don't plan on getting anymore. Now I have 180 Ice Follies and 60 Fortune from HD. Update on the progress. About 320 Daffodils planted with about 150 left. I may just litter the creek sides with the rest. Haven't touched the others mentioned a few days ago.

Oh, and I picked up some De Caen Anemones while I was at Home Depot.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Acorns This Year - Plenty Last Year

I wondered why I hadn't seen a squirrel in awhile. Actually the whole place is void of any wildlife, except some pesky birds that made a mess of my new fence this spring. Hopefully they'll give up on the place because I closed up their nesting place; under the side porch.

So if the squirrels don't have any nuts to eat will they come back and discover all the bulbs I've been planting? I suppose some are not tasty to them while others may be. Incidentally last year was a boon for acorns. Massive quantities. It was pretty interesting on windy days when they would pellet the roof.

Story On No Acorns Last Year - Washington Post, Va Area.

Something I drew a few days ago. Dammit why did I buy so many Tulips? They need sun and I don't think I have a good place for them unless I add them to the Crocus area.

Those not planted yet:
  • Crocus
  • Dutch Iris
  • Daffodils across creek and most of the pathways
  • Allium

I was surprised to see the Paperwhites discounted 50%. I didn't pay attention when I grabbed them, nor did I see this. Will they grow? Already sprouting from the bulbs.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Bulb Planting - Oodles

Difficult to get motivated for outdoor work again. Cold weather didn't help. Maybe all these bulbs will stir some interest.

The count:

Yellow Daffodils - apprx 160
Mystery Daffodils - 40
Dutch Iris -60
Yellow Tulips - 80
White Tulips -40

...well if you click the picture you can count 'em yourself.

And I haven't yet looked online for some unusuals.

Daffodils planted this morning...dots aren't entirely accurate.

Monday, October 19, 2009

States I've Been In

Found a neat gizmo at this link. You can select the states you've been in and it will render a code that can be inserted into the html.

visited 24 states (48%)

Definitely a pattern. No far northern states seen. I didn't include the states I merely drove through, nor did I count New York because I've only been to NYC. All states indicated staying overnight or visiting someone.

I haven't stayed overnight in Alabama or seen anyone, but I've seen quite a bit of the state.

Additions next year this time...maybe. But who will take care of the gardens when I'm gone:(

Michigan- see a Tiger game?
Illinois- Wrigley Field
South Dakota
North Dakota
Utah - why go here?
Nebraska - maybe hook up with an old frat bro..if I can find him

Not shown- Ontario, Canada - guy helps me with the hardwood flooring talk website/message board ... Need a passport

Just thinkin' ...probably change

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Say Good Night Irene - Winter Near

It was an interesting year. Loads of stuff accomplished, but more than likely it's goodbye to the flowers and gardening considering it may dip below 32 tonight. The hanging planters however, are in the new garden room down below...they'll last for awhile. Oh, bulbs will keep me busy this winter. I can see daffodils all over the place come March.

Trying to find accurate information on the Dianthus...the consensus points toward them as being fairly hardy but I'll mulch 'em this week. Dave's Garden Inquiry.

Getting hard to transition for the winter. What will I do, besides going to Florida for a month or so? Still piles upon piles of mulch down the road. Perhaps extend some of the trails in the woods.

Here's a project. A stairway that leads up the hill in front of the house. Two steps (two feet wide)a day and I can get it done in a month (probably 30 steps). A little something I put together a few months ago for a general idea. Lot's of RR ties laying around.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Good Thing About Rain - Firewood

Over the weekend a large white oak fell over the main road leading in. Considering I have exhausted much of the easier accessible dead wood laying around, it looked like a good time build up the inventory. Plenty around for a few months. I won't be using as much anyway this winter as the little wood stove can't keep temps above 70 when outdoor temps stay low. It's good for days that may only be in the 40's and 50's.

That could be the next few days too! I was asked this morning if I wanted to drive to Florida. Sorry.

The whole neighborhood probably wanted a piece of the action with this old timer that fell. In fact when the first cut piece went into the back of the truck a neighbor stopped. Naturally he wanted some of the action. I hesitated then asked if he lived in the area. "Yep, up the hill..." He got a half dozen pieces; said he's be back the next day. I did leave some for him but he was a no show this morning.

Good thing most have jobs otherwise it would be gone.

Winter exercise.

Monday, October 12, 2009

WT...What the It?

I rarely see this kind of view these days including this morning as the rain is pounding. Still trying to save the lawn and more important the top soil. Made it in time at 4AM to cover it. I timed it right..finally! There's actually some grass coming up here and there. It seems this seed has a slower germination compared to the other stuff I've used. It's about ten days for this area.

And a sunny day allows for some fall foliage views...

Actually time for some planting stuff. The Hostas that were against the front of the house have been moved down near the creek. They get beaten up (brown tattered leaves) by the stone on the foundation. Let's see how they fare down there.

Bulb planting time...or is that a root?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lawn Gone - Gully Washer

Maybe... hard to tell. Had I got my ass out of bed 15 minutes sooner at 4AM to cover most of the lawn it would have looked better. Much of the topsoil is gone except in the middle. Considering sand is still there maybe the seed had a chance to root?

Rainfall total: 1.25 inches.

What to do? I still have a bunch of seed leftover. Throw it on and hope for the best?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Always Looks Like A Construction Zone

...and I didn't include any pics from the west side of the house. It's a mess anyway. Weather crappy, not in the mood to do much after completing the lawn redo. A few new seedlings here and there. By the weekend there should be some noticeable effects..I hope.

My Dianthems are getting greener and a little bushy. Five died when the ten inch deluge a few weeks ago took them out. Blue Star Creeper moving along nicely.

I commented on how well my Mexican Heather was doing a few days ago. I saw this the next morning. No warning either. Grrrrrr. I thought it was a perennial. After all it's a woody plant. The Azaleas have not been touched. Prior to the buzz cut, the Heather was probably three times larger

Oh well, mother knows best. Mulching time nears. Still plenty down the road.

I love these white Impatiens, and this particular plant has grown crazy the last few months.

And this crazy plant that's been doing nothing all year longs decides to bloom. Pineapple Sage in the background(tallest plant). Mums from last year and some Pansies and whatchamacallits.

Vines beginning to lose their luster. Cold weather is knocking for sure.

Flagstone pathway going slow.

New Orange mums almost bit the dust in this area. Too much water puddles when it rains hard. Probably need to drill a few holes in the wall for drainage. Purple ones doing okay. I understand all are planned for transplant to the other side of the house. When is not known.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wanna See That Lawn Again?

I do not need a gully washer! By the time this reseed project is done there will be about four cubic yards of compost/topsoil at 1/4 inch. My six cubic foot wheel barrel, purchased two years ago is showing more signs of wear as the bearings are noisy when pushing heavy loads. I've already had to replace the bolts that hold the bucket on the frame.

This area should look sharp in 3-4 weeks with a good crop of existing grass mixed with new seed. With the existing grass cut to one inch, now you may understand why it needed more seed. Hopefully the creeping Fescue in the mix will keep it filled in. There's actually several types in this Deep Shade seed variety.

I don't expect the rest of the lawn to look great before the growing season ends, but who knows. The low areas that were filled may not come through looking the same.

And the drainage pipe for the roof runoff (below). More friggin roots! I thought I'd seen enough of them. Plenty of leaves falling that will present problems. New seedlings don't like to be trampled on and I'll need to get the leaves off the lawn. Otherwise if they get wet (morning dew) it's a pain to get them up without raking. They can also trap and kill the new growth. The blower only works well at 15 feet maximum. Beyond that, the lawn has to be walked on.

I have a solution! A revolutionary product you may see at a garden center near you in the future! How much demand for the idea is the question. But people love gadgets, eh?