Sunday, October 18, 2009

Say Good Night Irene - Winter Near

It was an interesting year. Loads of stuff accomplished, but more than likely it's goodbye to the flowers and gardening considering it may dip below 32 tonight. The hanging planters however, are in the new garden room down below...they'll last for awhile. Oh, bulbs will keep me busy this winter. I can see daffodils all over the place come March.

Trying to find accurate information on the Dianthus...the consensus points toward them as being fairly hardy but I'll mulch 'em this week. Dave's Garden Inquiry.

Getting hard to transition for the winter. What will I do, besides going to Florida for a month or so? Still piles upon piles of mulch down the road. Perhaps extend some of the trails in the woods.

Here's a project. A stairway that leads up the hill in front of the house. Two steps (two feet wide)a day and I can get it done in a month (probably 30 steps). A little something I put together a few months ago for a general idea. Lot's of RR ties laying around.

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