Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ut Oh...I Have An Addiction

Can't seem to get enough bulbs! I have this fear I won't have enough to plant. Seriously! This after buying another 240 at Home Depot in Jasper yesterday. Ready to go this morning and it's raining so I thought...maybe other Lowes stores will have some?" Sure enough. Lowes in Canton (45 miles) but I didn't make the trip...yet.

Lowes was definitely lower priced but the question remains how good are the bulbs? 40 bulbs for $ 9.96 or so a month ago. Home Depot is currently 12 for $ 6.95. Those from Lowes are somewhat smaller but not by much. I have encountered about a dozen bad ones though. Yes, there are different types.

The Lowes here in Ellijay is out and don't plan on getting anymore. Now I have 180 Ice Follies and 60 Fortune from HD. Update on the progress. About 320 Daffodils planted with about 150 left. I may just litter the creek sides with the rest. Haven't touched the others mentioned a few days ago.

Oh, and I picked up some De Caen Anemones while I was at Home Depot.

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