Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Save The Tulip Bulbs From Critters

I keep hearing folks all over message boards crying about losing tulip bulbs from critters that dig, burrow, or steal. Maybe they're in the suburbs where animals are less concerned with people walking about. Around here I still see little wildlife. Cranking up the chainsaw every now and then along with the lawnmower may keep them deeper into the woods? I did however see a few doe on the hill across the creek the other day.

To the tulips. I finally cut the rain barrel in half after I thought placing them next to the steps would look good. I think I can stuff about twenty in each one and cover it with chicken wire in case the critters get near the house looking for a snack.

I hear mice like them too...hmmm. I've also heard about mothballs as being a deterrent along with cayenne pepper, but the mothballs...I wondered how that would affect the soil. In conclusion, chicken wire until the spring sounds best. Here's a smaller barrel with mesh on top.

Tulip bulbs planted? 45 in the wall garden along with 100 or so Crocus and 45 of those blue things that grow about 6-8 inches...Muscari.

EDIT: November 10- No critters yet!

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