Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wildflower Gardens

Or at least that's what this area will be eventually. Wildflower area is planned to run around the corner, or about the fifth fence post. After starting yesterday, I thought the area in front of the fence would be an ideal place for the rest of the flower bulbs. Finally! I actually got tired of looking at them. Lost count of how many. Count 'em for yourself. The final tally below doesn't include the ones near the pressure treated wall.

And I said I got bored with the west side of the house, but dangit those bulbs laying around were annoying me. So there's something like 100 in that area. More crocus had to be planted as well, along the fence by the lawn. Should be an interesting spring...wondering how many will come up. Oh, the paperwaites are beginning to sprout (warm weather)

And the Dianthus is dropping seeds.

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