Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ida Rainfall North Georgia

With as loose as the soil has been, today could be a good day hunting for fallen trees and firewood. Power did go out around 3 AM as two battery backups woke me with their annoying beeping sounds. No power...grrr. If it's local I thought I wouldn't have it back on until later in the day as I'm sure other trees in the area toppled over. Nope. Power restored within two hours.

Big gully washers up near the Smokies in South Eastern Tennessee, as shown in the precipitation map above. I'm located within the white circle right side of the image(click for larger view). I never noticed this Wunderground rainfall total function until recent, but it's pretty darned accurate. My baking pan rain gauge shows 4.25 inches since yesterday morning. Naturally I have to dump it from time to time and make some guesstimate recalculations because it's not square from top to bottom.

Here are the local the Wunderground totals in the Ellijay area...

Yes, the creek is running strong. It's been healthy all summer compared to last years drought. Daffodils bulbs are planted about 18 inches above the water line. They're safe.

Upon closer inspection it appears I'll have to tame this water retention area. Hope the Daffodil bulbs don't rot(orange flags). Rainfall totals were more than mentioned previous. Probably over five inches.

And a pic of my neighbors home that burnt down about ten days ago. Everyone is fine.


  1. Mom is all caught up! Spent over an hour this morning on the blog. She really enjoyed it.

  2. Good. Lottsa work for her this spring!