Friday, November 13, 2009

Raised Flower Beds

That's what they call 'em eh?

I mentioned I was bored with the west side of the cabin, but realized if I'm gonna have all these 'lil plants come mid to late April they gotta go somewhere. I suspect by the reading I've been doing I can have six to eight inch tall plants that can go in the ground about then...maybe later.

Last frost date is the key. What the heck, plant some about April 15 hope there's no frost after. If it doesn't work bring in the extra backup plants that are still protected. I should have oodles.

Ellijay dates since 1997- year/date/temp

2009 /Apr 22 /30.9
2008 /Apr 30 /31.6
2007 / Apr 13 /31.6
2006 /Mar 27 /22.9
2005 /Apr 25 /27.7
2004 /May 4 /30.2
2003 /Apr 1 / 28.3
2002 /Apr 6 /28.8
2001 /Apr 19/ 24.9
2000 /Apr 27 / 30.8
1999 /Apr 19 /27.4
1998 /Apr 12 /29.7
1997 /May 11 /31.1

So I spent a few hours preparing. I expect to see the horse poop supplier guy this weekend...

Checking the sun shade situation it looks like half gets full sun from 10AM until about 3 PM in summer. Here's a pic from August 1 this year at 11 AM. 3 PM pictures are very similar except stump area gets full sun. At 4 PM "dappled" shade. 5 PM no direct sun.

The plan...

Lottsa horse dooey to spread around the next few days including the east side of the house up on the hill bank.

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  1. Yes. Lots to do in the spring but I like the plan. Mom can't figure out where it is but I can. I told her its like dotting the i on the end of the fence. Now she thinks she know. Good luck with the manure :)