Monday, August 22, 2011

Snap Dragons - Good & Bad

I had a whole area set aside for these from seed in the spring of 2010, but they never really took off. They just sat there all straggly looking until last November when I yanked them. Could have been the location along the driveway, I do not know. Anything up the drive seems to struggle without attention.

Anyway, here are some that were purchased last fall from Lowes in the small six pack variety. These things can grow and bloom in freezing and very hot temperatures. Two whites and one red here. I have the hardest time remembering the name of this plant. Maybe it will come to me before the end of this entry.

Snap Dragons!!!

There must be different varieties. Here's a taller one (below) that was moved this spring. Originally planted in the spring of 2010 (one croaked) when it was purchased as a larger plant. It blooms now and then but not like the smaller variety that reaches 10-12 inches. It also falls all over the place and needs staking. Pain, really.

These two show three reds planted together. All shown here were dead headed completely July 28. I'll have to consider sticking more in the ground this fall. I wonder if these guys will make it through another winter?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's An Official Surrender least for this season. Can't grow much here with less than four inches of rain since May 26. About the only things that do hang in are the mountain laurel, creeping phlox (dormant) and that other thing (background) that blooms in September or so.

Others that can't make much of a life up here are day lilies (but they fade anyway this time of year), Salvia Sage, some type of Black Eyed Susan, Coneflowers, and a few Rose of Sharon. (top to bottom below) The latter obtained last year at a Daves Garden get together.

Life is hard along the fence line up the driveway as well. Asters from last year struggling (8 of ten survivors but much smaller), but I have lugged water up here a half dozen times since May 26. Marigolds never did too well, same with Cosmos. Silly spider Zinnias are alive. Don't bother trying these things. Flowers are ridiculously small and they just sprawl on the ground. Good soil after I worked it, but too darn dry.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vines and Other Climbers

Some sneak peaks at other happenings this summer are the many vines I have growing here and there. The question is undoubtedly, when will they bloom in profusion or am I dreaming? Here's the biggest project that takes about 10 minutes a day. Training these morning glories to climb in the right direction so I can get full coverage. They were growing heavily on the right side in basically one three foot by ten feet area (from bottom) two weeks ago. By redirecting some runners it should fill out within two weeks.

They're definitely climbers! And would probably go to the rooftop if given something to climb on. Maybe next year I'll run a more organized system with fishing line. The new addition from last year is created by using small eye/screw hooks with string run back and forth. The next pic was taken August 5 of last year. Considerable difference in growth but plenty of volunteer seeds popped through the soil this year.

Oodles of Black Eyed Susan vine here this year but slow to bloom except one I have hanging on the porch. Here's an interesting view taken from the ladder. Note Moon flowers are all over the porch railing, some black potato vine in with some Creeping Jenny and those lousy Nasturtiums (container)  that won't do it around here.

More on the Moon flowers...

And a flower here and there...

Moving to the lawn area. No problem with the English Ivy. How far to let it go?

More Black Eyed Susan Vine supported by wire mesh in the whiskey barrels. I did have some Vinca planted in amongst everything but they croaked. Common with that plant this year in some locations.

and more along the fence line on the lawn. Occasional blooms but nothing excessive:(

Most of these areas have three plants in each container. Here's one climbing a small beech tree. Some blooms occasionally at the bottom.

Lastly some potato vines. Planted about six weeks ago, the green vine now has ten "children" rooted elsewhere.

Oh, why not. Some Cardinal vines on the fence posts up the driveway...a bloom now and then, but too early I think. It was never impressive in the past but I thought why not give it a go again.

Not shown are about a half dozen morning glory vines on other fence posts going up the driveway. Real slow going there but does not surprise me with the lousy rocky soil.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Plant Failures - Or Maybe They Need Time?

Before I show the many successes in early to mid September how about some time for the wanna bees around here? Probably mentioned in the past, the Columbines are real friggin slow to do anything. The one below was sowed in May of 2010...maybe it was June. Oh well. Most of the others are barely making it. Maybe next spring I will be surprised with this perennial? It did have some nice growth earlier this summer but no sign of flowing.

Hollyhocks. I have two in this area that were started  in March of 2010. Give or take a month. Barely hanging in about two inches high...

Blanket Flowers! Started in late March this year. Most were on the porch until a few weeks ago, but a few since June. Hardly any growth. Barely three inches if they can stand on their own. Maybe next year?

Lupine and Painted Daisy...started about the same time.

Not much of a failure but I may as well take note of the climbing hydrangea next to the creek. No flowers this year but has been growing steadily all spring and summer. Probably now at 12-15 feet height.