Friday, August 5, 2011

Plant Failures - Or Maybe They Need Time?

Before I show the many successes in early to mid September how about some time for the wanna bees around here? Probably mentioned in the past, the Columbines are real friggin slow to do anything. The one below was sowed in May of 2010...maybe it was June. Oh well. Most of the others are barely making it. Maybe next spring I will be surprised with this perennial? It did have some nice growth earlier this summer but no sign of flowing.

Hollyhocks. I have two in this area that were started  in March of 2010. Give or take a month. Barely hanging in about two inches high...

Blanket Flowers! Started in late March this year. Most were on the porch until a few weeks ago, but a few since June. Hardly any growth. Barely three inches if they can stand on their own. Maybe next year?

Lupine and Painted Daisy...started about the same time.

Not much of a failure but I may as well take note of the climbing hydrangea next to the creek. No flowers this year but has been growing steadily all spring and summer. Probably now at 12-15 feet height.

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