Monday, August 22, 2011

Snap Dragons - Good & Bad

I had a whole area set aside for these from seed in the spring of 2010, but they never really took off. They just sat there all straggly looking until last November when I yanked them. Could have been the location along the driveway, I do not know. Anything up the drive seems to struggle without attention.

Anyway, here are some that were purchased last fall from Lowes in the small six pack variety. These things can grow and bloom in freezing and very hot temperatures. Two whites and one red here. I have the hardest time remembering the name of this plant. Maybe it will come to me before the end of this entry.

Snap Dragons!!!

There must be different varieties. Here's a taller one (below) that was moved this spring. Originally planted in the spring of 2010 (one croaked) when it was purchased as a larger plant. It blooms now and then but not like the smaller variety that reaches 10-12 inches. It also falls all over the place and needs staking. Pain, really.

These two show three reds planted together. All shown here were dead headed completely July 28. I'll have to consider sticking more in the ground this fall. I wonder if these guys will make it through another winter?

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