Thursday, September 8, 2011

Caladium Pictures

These were taken in late July, or just about when the Caladiums peaked in color. Since, they've faded and some are beginning to lose their former luster. I don't know why, but none of these were fertilized, same with all my Hostas. They'd probably keep chugging along had I actually fertilized them.

The original Caladium garden back in the spring..

Full color...a bit bright though...

Maybe a closer look. The white ones are either White Christmas or Candium while the reds in the foreground are...lost the tag. Kind of ugly ruffled type. Same for the ones in the middle...lost tag.  Drat.

Here's my favorite growing about 15 inches high. I think they're Fannie Munson.

Those guys are tucked away in the Hosta garden started last spring. The supposed star of the show did not fare well this year. The lime colored Hosta in the center. Named Gold Standard. Apparently this one creeps along for a few years then takes off or so the consensus says. Hopefully next year it will fill in.

Another favorite and yes the tag has mysteriously's an unknown.

Pink Beauty...

A few other areas...

John Peed and Aaron (white)

Florida Cardinal

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