Monday, June 28, 2010

Plants That Bit The Dust - Or Close To

They look so great in the home centers..and I'm giving up on them except for the ones I know do well. It seems like practically everything growing in the shade thrives. Could be bugs need to sun bathe and don't like cooler areas? Here's two Rising Sun Coreopsis I really fell for at Lowes a few months ago. Doing some research it seems there may not be enough air circulation. Instead a fungal disease has developed and is slowly killing it.

Probably should yank this one as that fungus can spread throughout the soil according to this story. They may have done better off in the drier Alpine garden area. I just figured the existing soil was so dry and it's sloped that it would never stay moist so I'd be safe. Nope, adding quite a bit of mulch to the soil has actually retained the moisture.

And these Lemon Zest Petunias! I've tried it all. No water, water a little, keep cutting the spent flowers, dab some fertilizer on them, wait for results. Nope. Scrawny buggers. Besides some critter loves the taste. Time to replace 'em. Other Petunias thrive around here except for this thing.

Convolvoulous. "Just like Morning glories but in bush form" Burpee says. "Heat, drought, and poor soil tolerant, they’re enchanting from summer until frost." Yea, okay... but not at my house!

Delphiniums. What a total disaster! Never could get any to grow from seed either. It's time to visit a real garden center... local mom and pop. At least they'll have what grows around here and not some dream plants those other guys sell.

Oh, by the way. Violas are beginning to reseed from last year. This is a spot where they were moved from but some are popping up. I still have some Yellows growing quite well. Not sure if they'll ever die off for the season.

....and the wave Petunias from last year came back. Thriving where they are.

Summer Bulbs

I haven't been impressed by my Cancun Lilies, but they'll be back year after year. They do look great close-up but ragged from a distance, plus some critters/bugs are getting to their stalks. Probably should plant some small guys in front to hide their "bare legs."

Some Gladiolus are showing. I have them in four locations so I should see some blooms the next 2-3 weeks? Those buggers don't like to stand up straight so they're propped up any which way. They are also reaching for the sunlight in this partially shaded area. Same with the Cancun Lilies (in pic below) Here's my first attempt at a floral arrangement.

Canna President on both sides of this area. Three of seven appeared. There were supposed to be some Princess Di Lilies (7) but they never made an appearance. Could be too wet down there. A few other failed attempts trying Delphiniums (browned out plants). Had them in another spot as well, drier...still died within weeks. Calla Lilies in small center garden. They're not too organized, look crowded, once again bending for the sunlight.

Hey, my elephant ears are making progress along with the Caladiums. Coleus grows like crazy around here. Had to trim those guys back once already.

More Caladiums...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Lilies? Sure Why Not

About a year ago I noticed all over town these yellow flowering plants that I thought were some kind of daffodil. Remember I didn't know squat about this gardening thing then. I really wanted the Stella Del Oro as they're more of a golden color but nowhere to be found the last few weeks. Instead some other interesting types have found a home. Here's a group of three nestled in the larger area to the west of the house. Name is seen in the bottom left hand corner when clicking for a larger image.

Tucked away behind some Shasta Daises is another type claimed to be fragrant or is that just part of the marketing angle? More research...too much stuff to remember.There are several more up the drive of the same variety planted in the alpine garden area (pic below). Not sure how these buggers will do considering it can get quite dry up there and they are struggling by the looks of the browning leaves. Hey the tag says "water wise." I'm assuming it does okay during dry conditions?

Oh look here, another new garden. This is directly north of the cabin. Some more repeat lilies.

Along the driveway in the newer rail road tie gardens. I have not been satisfied with this camera of late. Pictures aren't as sharp as they have been. I probably messed with a setting?

Alpine garden area...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hostas Blooming

It's Hosta blooming season. I have five or six varieties so far, but I can see some internet buys for next years showing. Do you know how many types of Hostas there are? I thought they were downright boring a year ago, but I have so much shade around here, what else can I plant? Yea...I know the list, including these temperamental seedlings started May 7.


Back to the Hostas...

This one has been here since 2008 but moved to a happy place.

And ones across the creek...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Critters

The squirrels are back with a vengeance, and they have figured out my barbed wire bird feeder fortress. It's time for plan C..a BB gun.

I forget what these guys are called...about four inches long. Could be the Cicadas getting an early start this year. Lightning bugs are beginning to appear, but trying to get pictures isn't easy.

This marks the third year I've seen this turtle. It has to be the same one by scouting out the same area to lay eggs. Apparently this year unsuccessful as it's now covered with gravel. Poor critter has been trying for four days. Each morning I find new holes in my drive and she's always so tuckered out.

Not often I see Orioles in the area. Lucky to see a couple each year...

Orange butterflies just love the chigger weed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Garden Updates

It's been awhile since I showed any progress here. GGG's talented work is showing. The first area shows some hanging baskets and ones that are sitting on pedestals atop the rock wall. The yellow violas planted last September continue to roll on. You may also notice the Dianthus was given a haircut. They just got too scraggly looking with dead buds, and I wasn't about to take my time with them one by one. So it was scissors and just cut 'em down to about 6 to 8 inches. Rumor has it they may re bloom later this summer.

More of the Dianthus along the driveway. The shamrocks are beginning to show some flowers on the other side of the fence, but these danged things are growing much slower than I thought, but the soil is pretty bad. Only 2-3 inches high. More violas! Yellow and purplish or do they call that Lavender?

Moving on....These are the traveling Geraniums. They spend the winter and spring in Florida with the summer and fall months in Georgia.

How about some lemon twist Petunias? I picked these up about six weeks ago.

Over near the path into the woods are some white Begonias and Asslysum in the trays.

Moving down to the rock gardens. Lot's of color especially with the Astilbes. Center. pinkish color. Pinkish Begonias (red in clay pots), White Impatiens and others.

Down near the creek along the pathway. Endless summer Hydrangeas decided to become pinkish in color. Time to throw some coffee grinds around for deep blues.

Moving to the Hosta garden. They're growing and a few are budding...

Close-up of climbing hydrangea...

I'm not pleased with what's going on here. Several summer bulbs have not appeared including two elephant ears. Nice color variation in the Coleus. Caladiums making progress.

That's about all for now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will Work For Food:)

What a deal! My son Ryan is now living up here in the mountains. Considering he's known nothing but Florida all his life I'm hoping he fits in worries me. Dad is quite proud he overcame some problems a few years ago and has a new lease on life or as Pastor Anastasi calls it "returning him with a sound mind to his family." Sound? Yes. Quite a change has taken place. I expect to have some video sometime soon. Yea, I know I said that about GGG, but she came down with a case of chigger fear. In other words no more outdoors!

There will be lot's of wood to chop this summer. Here's part of a smaller tree I took down a few weeks ago that had died a few years back.

Let's see what else is happening. Lawn work? Sure.

Here's a good pic of Ryan for his Facebook profile when we were in Florida last week.

That's about it for now....