Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Bulbs

I haven't been impressed by my Cancun Lilies, but they'll be back year after year. They do look great close-up but ragged from a distance, plus some critters/bugs are getting to their stalks. Probably should plant some small guys in front to hide their "bare legs."

Some Gladiolus are showing. I have them in four locations so I should see some blooms the next 2-3 weeks? Those buggers don't like to stand up straight so they're propped up any which way. They are also reaching for the sunlight in this partially shaded area. Same with the Cancun Lilies (in pic below) Here's my first attempt at a floral arrangement.

Canna President on both sides of this area. Three of seven appeared. There were supposed to be some Princess Di Lilies (7) but they never made an appearance. Could be too wet down there. A few other failed attempts trying Delphiniums (browned out plants). Had them in another spot as well, drier...still died within weeks. Calla Lilies in small center garden. They're not too organized, look crowded, once again bending for the sunlight.

Hey, my elephant ears are making progress along with the Caladiums. Coleus grows like crazy around here. Had to trim those guys back once already.

More Caladiums...

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