Monday, June 28, 2010

Plants That Bit The Dust - Or Close To

They look so great in the home centers..and I'm giving up on them except for the ones I know do well. It seems like practically everything growing in the shade thrives. Could be bugs need to sun bathe and don't like cooler areas? Here's two Rising Sun Coreopsis I really fell for at Lowes a few months ago. Doing some research it seems there may not be enough air circulation. Instead a fungal disease has developed and is slowly killing it.

Probably should yank this one as that fungus can spread throughout the soil according to this story. They may have done better off in the drier Alpine garden area. I just figured the existing soil was so dry and it's sloped that it would never stay moist so I'd be safe. Nope, adding quite a bit of mulch to the soil has actually retained the moisture.

And these Lemon Zest Petunias! I've tried it all. No water, water a little, keep cutting the spent flowers, dab some fertilizer on them, wait for results. Nope. Scrawny buggers. Besides some critter loves the taste. Time to replace 'em. Other Petunias thrive around here except for this thing.

Convolvoulous. "Just like Morning glories but in bush form" Burpee says. "Heat, drought, and poor soil tolerant, they’re enchanting from summer until frost." Yea, okay... but not at my house!

Delphiniums. What a total disaster! Never could get any to grow from seed either. It's time to visit a real garden center... local mom and pop. At least they'll have what grows around here and not some dream plants those other guys sell.

Oh, by the way. Violas are beginning to reseed from last year. This is a spot where they were moved from but some are popping up. I still have some Yellows growing quite well. Not sure if they'll ever die off for the season.

....and the wave Petunias from last year came back. Thriving where they are.

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  1. Hey I've had plants like that too - look good in garden center, supposed to be able to grow and thrive in various conditions and they died. This year, I didn't buy many flowers. The ones I did were 4 geraniums for the front porch and back patio and only 2 plants of 6 each annuals for a couple of planters by the back patio. Saved a lot of money over previous years when I would buy annuals. I really don't like to "have" to water and then would feel bad if I didn't after spending the this year I don't worry and just water the 4 geraniums. Good thing too cause with this heat wave and drought I would have to be watering daily, but I'm not (thankfully). However, we are getting LOTs of veggies, but all the same and all at the same time...cukes and zukes!