Thursday, July 1, 2010

DL Hosta Farm - Pictures

I'm off the Day Lily addiction for now, but now it's Hostas! Mother told me about a local nursery she found in the phone book while she was here. Who looks there these days? 21 miles northwest of my home or 9 from the center of Ellijay and nestled in the hills. Beautiful drive going out on 52 east and then north on Zion Hill Road to higher elevations and this little place is almost near the end of the road. The sign said closed when I arrived. Hours 10 AM but I didn't spot the days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until later.

Quarter to ten, I figured I'd wait and have a look around. It didn't take long and someone came through the woods explaining they were closed. "I drove 30 miles and the place is closed? I couldn't find any information on the web, nor did it say anything in the phone book," I said to Fred whom I later found to be the owner's son in law. I had to stretch the truth a whee bit to get some compassion; I was here to buy some stuff! His mother in law in her late seventies runs the place while being originally from the Homestead, Florida area thirty years ago.

Hostas and more Hostas! I said to Fred... "I see price tags and I have cash." Unfortunately we couldn't find a smaller Blue Angel but here's one that is probably fully matured. Gotta love these bigguns.

Big ones and there are little ones. I didn't buy any miniatures and it's probably going to take time to consider putting any of these in around here. After all, I like bushy stuff and not dinky stuff. I did buy some Mouse ears a few weeks ago though. Still don''t know where to put 'em.

Some more dinky stuff..

Some pics of the "farm". Incidentally, a great location for one. It sits right near a good sized running creek, loaded with shade trees, damp, and moist.

So what was purchased..and more important where will they go? I'd been eye balling a large wet area on the west side of the house in the woods and a new area I've been working on the last few weeks. Still not sure about this project. Maybe a few smaller hostas here...and... I dunno.

Great Expectations
First Frost
Vanilla Cream - Smallish
Krossa Regal - Could be larger than five feet across
Undulata Mediovariegata (not an easy name)

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  1. The hosta farm looked interesting, but we haven't planted any in the yard here (VA). We used to have loads of them in the frong yard when we lived in NJ. They are similar to orange day lilies in that they self propoage. Hope yours turn out well.

    Happy 4th!