Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Happenings

Yesterday afternoon while sitting on the porch having s half a smoke, I heard this yelp..or so it sounded like it,  then a domino effect sound. I knew the log pile fell over. I thought it had been leaning. Guess that's why a cord is measured four feet inn height. It got up to five or six feet. Shown is Lewis inspecting the grounds this morning. I wouldn't have minded if that neighbor dog that yaps at 5 AM was under it, but nope.

Good thing my elephant ear didn't get buried, but lost were 3 or 4 Caladiums.

What good are those little dogs that "mouth off" for no reason? Two weeks ago the place sounded like a freaking kennel out of control. It was horrible! There are something like (3) adult mutts and four or five puppies. I had enough, and made my displeasure known. It was okay for a few weeks until the past few days. First time I've been displeased with my neighbor.

Now good old Lewis (pictured) is a good dog. He barks when necessary, not just to exercise the jaw for nothing. A few days ago while visiting, Lewis begins barking. I figured some critter was about. Sure enough a Heron across the creek appeared unfased by his barking and didn't budge. I don't think Lewis wanted to chase it, as he did his thing from my porch.

Look here, a sunflower opens up. I can't understand why someone up 52 on the way to town has rows and rows of these things and yet mine are decreped looking. Oh well, I don't know how to spell it either.

El Presidente or whatever Lily flowering. Those things aren't healthy looking either...Forget all the Calla Lilies (not shown). I guess they'll wait till next year.

Here's a bright surprise up the drive. It wasn't there last year and is going to town. It's either some kind of wild morning glory, potato vine? Loaded with buds. Incidentally, one flowering morning glory this morning on the side of the house up the chicken wire trellis I built. Maybe all is not lost?

I gave up on the Allysum along the wall here. Now there's some creeping Jenny. Hopefully it will fall over the wall nicely over the next few months. Hard to see, just planted but they're in between the mounding Petunias on the edge. Those sprawling Petunias (last year) are a better choice there.

We just may have some tomatoes soon...someday.

Fish fertilizer. I've been hearing about it..not sure how well it works but I did put some in the hanging planter a few days ago and the plant greened up big time.

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