Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4 Parade In Ellijay

I never made it last year, my first full year in the area, so I wasn't about to miss it this year. Come to think about it I haven't been to a 4th of July parade in I don't know how many years. Impressive turnout if you ask me, with most of the crowd seemingly out of town folk from the half dozen I polled. The parade starts down near the Pepsi plant or at the corner of Sailers Drive and River Street, runs up River around the roundabout and north to the school area where the annual firework display is held.

What's a holiday without politicians pushing their promises and tossing candy to the kids? I had one guy try shoving a flier in my face when taking some of these pictures. Dude, sure I'll vote for you...but can't you see I'm doing something here?


little dogs...and..

Girls on horseback waving their southern heritage...The one in the rear had a smile for miles.

American Legion...

Looking west to the roundabout...

"What's next?" Asks Ryan after the parade ended.

"Let's just sit here and watch the people" These two girls really stuck out walking back and forth repeatedly. Ryan finally asked them what the purpose was.

"To look cool." Oh my, you figure that one out but this is what I discovered while searching the subject on Google. Sad, if it's the case here.

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  1. Local celebrations in a small town are the place to be on a holiday. We went to a parade, concert, ice cream social all to celebrate Independence Day. Feel free to look at the photos from our fun...