Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alpine Gardening?

That's what they call it at Daves Garden. It looks like all sorts of stuff can grow up the hill on the north side of the drive given the chance. I was lassoed again at Lowes! Dangit. I thought I had that problem licked with all these seedlings popping up around here.

Here's a project started a few days ago after I saw plenty of Creeping Phlox around town the past few years. Not crazy about the purples or yellows, I found Amazing Grace. Whitish with itty bitty red centers. It's a shrub that blooms very early and lasts for ?? A month? Evergreen to boot. Only time will tell. Grows to about 18 inches high but apparently spreads well. So I'm hoping in a few years it will cascade down the hill. Pretty decent soil up there. I was surprised, but a real bugger to water. Water pressure doesn't work up the driveway from the hose, so it's climbing the hill and dumping water on it...apparently until it becomes established. One week. Two?

Hopefully this blog will still be on the web 5-10 years from now, so it's nice to know what was done and what date, so as to see the progress. I keep some information elsewhere, but I'm terrible at finding it. Just like paperwork; I make an attempt to keep it together for a few months then bang...I forget about it, or where I put it. At least I know where the blog is.

Rolando scheduled to visit Sunday afternoon for some more cow dung.

Incidentally the current weather is a mirror image of 2008 (my first year). Couldn't ask for better. Mid to high 70's day, low 50's night....few clouds. Oh, a tulip sneak peak...

And the Bradford pear tree is out in town...

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