Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Wildflowers

I forgot I was trying to keep a monthly tab on what wildflowers were coming up around here. Looks like I missed March, but there are only a few bloomers during that month.

Wild Azaleas. Three colors here and there; white, orange, and a mild pink.

Trillium. They're only about 18 inches in height but this became an interesting shot.

Could be this one?

Some type of small spring growing Aster. They stand about 12-18 inches high. Flowers are the size of quarters. There are also some faint purplish ones.

Foam Flowers...


Wild Iris? Or is that a trillium too? I dunno. If I spent some more time at Missouri plants I'd probably be able to name most of them. Best source of wildflowers I've seen so far.


Thousands of these very low growing buggers near the bog...other spring on the west side.


And some different types of Daffodils that bloomed here and there about two weeks ago in with others. Totally different look.I never did get a healthy pic.


  1. First time I've seen orange azaleas. They are pretty! Thank you for sharing. Mine are pink.

  2. Lovely flowers, I dont think I have seen many of these. I so hope you dont have to wait that many years for your hydranga to bloom, that will be agony.