Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daffodils Near Full Bloom

Probably ten percent didn't bud. I'm sure they will do well next year. Not all are out in full form yet, but yesterday evening offered great light to get some pics. What I can't understand looking around the place is, most of these plants are actually facing the cabin. It's not like I planted the bulb that's impossible. The entire place is surrounded, only the ones up the driveway are facing away from a vantage point.

They must be feeling my presence? Looking east...all are facing towards the cabin or to the west.

Looking west... the ones in the foreground (supposed to be multi-color but turned out to be King Alfreds) are facing the cabin (north) and looking further down the trail, all are facing east. Why aren't these facing the same direction as the ones on the east trail? Is there something I'm missing here?

Across the creek. They are all facing the cabin or the creek (north)...I need more here. They were supposed to be multi as well. The moss is a brilliant green in the morning. I didn't notice that last year, but I wasn't looking.

Moving up on the hill facing they're facing to the south?

Maybe they're seeking the open area of the yard, or where the sun hits the most?

Pics from this morning...up the hill. Hard to make all of them out, but they're there.

Along the fence line....

Close ups...

Trail pics from this morning. Looking west

From the east looking west...

Hurry up before the party is over...

Next up? Tulips. One week? Most of the others are half this size.

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