Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tulip Pics & Others

I figured I may as well get them taken before the heat gets to them like some red ones a week ago. Gotta love the orange reddish ones; Apeldoorns Elite. They almost glow when the sun hits them right. Red ones in the center, Red Impression. Those violas sure have surprised me. I'll have plenty of them around next winter. Too bad the Daffodils died out. They would have filled in well here. And those stupid Muscari. What was I thinking?

Dutch Iris in the background growing, but I still think they're fried by coming up too early (December). Wait the package says "late spring" Maybe another month or so until I see anything. Still hope.

And from a further distance showing some more on the wall area. Juliette.

Closeup. Why I put a few Muscari in front is beyond me. I guess I thought they would be fluffier. Mexican Heather cut to the ground...ugly brown, no greenery. Misc reports say they may surprise me the next few months. Impossible to pull out...deep roots.

Golden Apeldoorns...

Purissima, and Red Impression

And some Hostas survived my garden tilling a few months ago. Upper left hand corner.

Adjacent rock garden leading down to creek. Foam flower is one, not sure of the others...

Daffodils across the creek like the cooler climate.

Buds galore on ?? The names aren't coming to me today...

Spring is here!

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  1. Mimi's notes:

    In the first rock garden she/you made, there are two foam flowers in the front by the rocks. In the middle is an astible. To the right and left of the astible are bleeding hearts! Thanks goodness, they survived! Don't pull them out! The name of the vine with all the buds is Clematis. Oh and there should be two more perennials around the astible, give them time.