Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anemone Virginiana 14,000 Seeds

I've been thinking about this one for a long time. It sure would be nice to see a swath of flowering plants along my long driveway. So I stumbled upon this one late last year. I'll probably scatter some in the woods too. The location sounds ideal for these things.

How to plant them is the next question. I suppose mixing with sand in a milk jug with lot's of small holes could work. Just shake 'em out. But how to scatter them consistently? This should be interesting.

Anemone Virginiana (Tall Thimbleweed)

They grow to three feet and bloom June to August, or thereabouts. The source Prairie Moon also claims the seeds have been stored in conditions ("pre sowing treatment") so that they may bloom the first year. Oh, okay we'll see about that. I could be too late for this year anyway.

Source for above image.

The target areas...first photo shows about 100 yards to crest of the hill. There's probably another 30 yards behind this.

 At the crest of the hill going down...that's another 100 yards.

Once that's done I will experiment with mass planting Astilbes along the creek banks. Ferns love it around there and so should these guys.

Part of the target area..

Other woodland plants:

Virginia Bluebells

Lobelia Queen Victoria

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