Sunday, April 18, 2010

Revisiting The Hoop Greenhouses

Some stuff grows while others do not. One thing is clear, no cow manure next time around.


Four O'Clock- oh well
Delphinium- oh well
Red Hot Poker- oh well
Snap Dragon- oh well
Marigold Scarlet Starlet-:( I wish I bought more. Time to revisit Home Depot


Cosmos- piece of cake
Celosia- seems like a candidate for the Alpine Garden
Convolvous-- I'm tired of trying to spell that name.
Sunflowers- what do do with them?

Some of them came out of hiding today and went into the railroad tie garden on the east next to the house. On the left Conv. Blue Enchantment (12 inch max height). This is in front of some Morning Glories (12 Heavenly Blue, 6 Crimson Rambler) seeded about a week ago. Hoping they pop up then I plan to build something for them to climb on. Hopefully they will climb a good portion of the wall...maybe 10-12 feet.

Looks like there will be plenty of Cosmos around here this summer. I mass planted a few hundred seeds on the Alpine garden banks. Then more along the fence line. up the driveway.

Cancun Lilies popping through the soil down by the creek.

No shortage of Violets around here.

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  1. I have tiny wild strawberries (berries size of little finger nail) and wild violets all over my yard in the spring. I think your violets may be a little darker in color.