Monday, April 5, 2010

Hostas Popping Through

These were transplanted last fall from the upper area, or in the railroad tie garden closest to the north side of the cabin. They did well until the summer heat hit last year. Then again, any lack of water doesn't help them either. No that's not right. That garden gets dew from the roof. It must have been too much sun. In any event they need shade, along with some other shady plants I may stick in the area.

"Moist well drained soil," seems to be the requirements for these guys. I recall digging down there during the drought and the soil was still damp, so this looks ideal...I hope. Probably try an elephant ear in there as well with...

Caladium- red/green (Red Flash). white/green(Aaron)
Calla Lillies- Blush, Yellow, Flame
Wolverine Hosta

I'll still have leftovers that I may try in the tree log garden (west side), or maybe I'll give that bog idea a thought again. It looks like some Daffodils are goners. Up on the hill as they couldn't take the 80 degree temps the past three days. Others down near the creek still hanging in...and a few odd balls. This must have been part of the mixed Daff bag. They just started coming out. Could be a half dozen or so.

Poor soles up on the hill...
Say hello to Rolando, my cow dung source...
I found a frigging squirrel in the bird feeder the other day. Hopefully this will be the final tactic needed on my part. Neighbor Carl helped with the barbed wire after asking for 15 feet, I got about 100. I can still wrap some more around there in case those critters try again. Doesn't bother the birds.

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  1. Hi I am so enjoying your posts. Your garden is looking so amazing. In the forest you may be but you sure have a nack with the blooms. Kepping them sprouting.