Friday, April 23, 2010

Hosta Garden #1

April 8...

A project in progress over the last three weeks. First it was digging down about 8-10 inches and then filling with some good composted mulch, cow manure and existing soil from the area. The area in back is a mound created by some of the lawn fill that was deposited in the area two years ago. Hostas ain't gonna grow in clay for sure. Imagine that, I'm getting knowledgeable.

April 10...

Nice well aerated soil, much like what's across the creek where a group of wild Hostas thrive in the summer months. In the background (photos below) I scavenged some stuff from the woods that include some Foam flowers, and what looks to be two types of ferns, along with some plants that grow along the wooded hill at the far east side of the property where one path ends. No clue what these guys will do here, but they grow well on steep hills in shade. May need some rocks to keep 'em company.

April 23...

Close Ups...

On to the planting. Goofy looking things eh? I came across the same while sticking in some Caladiums last week. "Plant with eyes facing up, just under the soil level..." I guess that means about one inch.

What They're Supposed To Look Like...

1- Hosta Gold Standard-  32-36" wide 24-28" height. One placed back center.

2- Hosta Francee-  28-36" wide 15-20" height. Two placed on right and left.

3- Hosta Golden Tierra-  18" wide 10-12" height. Two placed in front.

Where? Still room in between for other stuff. Maybe the Hypoestes I got today or some Coleus. Those transplanted Hostas (far right) look out of place now.

Incidentally the purchase from was a compulsive one. I did spend a few minutes looking at size, but color? Not so much.

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