Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Itty Bitty Seedlings

Hard to say what some seeds are doing. I'm sure soil temps are key. No problem with Alyssum. These little buggers started coming up without any real sun...cold temps to boot inside my roasting pans. I have four pans of these.

Nuttin' happening in here...By the way all were started March 12 except for the Xtreme Impatiens below (March 19).  Soil looks chunky doesn't it? Five no shows here...

1- Lobelia Blue Bird- lost some seeds. Mixed with sand and shaken with salt shaker
2- Lobelia Purple- May have been too heavy seeding
3- Forget me Not Blue Bird
4- Forget me Not Blue Bird
5- Spreading Petunia Purple Wave

Oh, the Impatiens are coming out...barely visible. Looks pretty ugly in there doesn't it? Lack of sun creating some mucky stuff.

1- Extreme White Impatiens
2- Extreme Salmon Impatiens

Next? Hoop garden #1- started March 8
Cosmos Sensation Radiance - left (48 inches)
Blue Enchantment Convolvous - right (14 inches)
Cosmos Summer Dreams- not shown (36 inches)

Hoop garden #2 Started March 16
Scarlet Starlet Marigold - (10 inches)

Convolvous- (14 inches) all these damned things are hard to spell. Hey those two look the same?

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