Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunlight. First Time Since March 7

Darned friggin' depressing when trying to get seeds going. Rain here, rain there. I've been accustomed of late  telling the folks at the Weather Channel to f--- off. Yea that's a heavy F word, not like me really. Maybe things are bound to change. One thing is clear, that groundhog in PA was on target. It has been six more weeks of winter. Today is the first day I've actually had the back door open in the afternoon.

So what's new? Daffodils about town are in full bloom. Mine are trying. Must be the time I put 'em in the ground that's causing the delay? They look happier with some good sun today. Shown in the background are some Tulips raising their heads.

Down by the east pathway. Looks like I don't need the markers anymore.

I have oodles of Crocus here and there but only one lone flower.

Moving to the west side of the house I finally finished this garden. Ready to go for something come late April. I decided to cut down a few skinny Poplar trees for the border. It was supposed to be a raised garden area, but I got tired of bringing in more dirt. It's kind of raised. Good soil! Mulch, great black cow dung, and that other stuff from Canada...

And the hoop houses. Got some seed planted about 10 days ago in one. Lotta good that did with clouds and low temps. Oh well, at least I'm about 6-8 weeks ahead of just tossing it in the soil after the "last frost," providing winter does not continue.

Almost forgot these buggers. Filled with low growing stuff like Forget Me Not, Allyssum, Lobelia. Yellows, white, blues...purplish.

Oh, the Dianthus are flowering. They must like that cow crap too!

It should be an interesting spring.

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