Friday, March 26, 2010

Stupid Or Something?

I couldn't get Forrest Gump off my mind when I created yet...more gardens. Who can forget "...what are you stupid or something?" Plenty of room and plenty of time is all I can say. Besides I've been trying to clear out the area on the west side so I can get those guys to bring in some more cow dung. Too many leftovers from other projects. Next on the list; five eight foot by 6" x 6" pressure treated beams. Maybe a small stairway leading down the creek bank. Something mother wanted. Or maybe a rustic bench. I certainly need more sittin' places around here.

Brown doves? they showed up a few days ago...

Paper survived

Some other stuff...Hyacinths with Tulips in back and Dutch Iris in the foreground. I think they came out too soon back in December; browned leaf edges. Says guaranteed to grow on the package. I must have a few hundred planted here and there.

Crocus. Not very consistent in other areas but this looks good. Pics below taken four days ago. Above, today.


I'm certain I have the squirrels whipped on the bird feeder, but have yet to see one try to climb the pole...probably very funny. Hopefully complete Daffodil pics next week. Most are out except the multi colored ones along the creek


  1. Chanced upon your blog while I aimlessly blog hop, and thought this is really nice. How wonderful to have space and a green thumb to boot. Thought I should just leave a comment :)

  2. Thanks. Green thumb. It's all about doing the research and testing, or that's where I'm at now:)