Monday, March 22, 2010

Haha. Got You Squirrels This Time

Since I moved here local squirrels would feast when no one was round to chase them away from the bird feeder. It didn't really bother me until this month. I tried grease on the pole, that didn't work. Then I looked into wrapping barbed wire around it, but didn't want to spend  $60.00 for a spool...and borrowing ten feet from somebody's fence didn't sound neighborly.  Aluminum flashing used on roofs seemed like an idea. Easy to staple into and now they don't have a chance...but it's only been one day.

I wonder how well paint sticks to Aluminum? There must be something that works. Too flashy for now. It need some brown. Guess what? Yep, that's snow on the fence; small sprinkling this morning after a few delightful days in the high 60's. Daffodils are flowering here and there, but you won't see pics until the complete show is on.

Seedlings started popping through the soil in the hoops late last week. Surprises me as there weren't  any good days for warming the soil. Looks like anything grows around here, except the Paper whites. They came up too soon back in December. I think they're fried.

Oh, the lawn. Let's see if hay keeps the seeds from washing away this time. I'm not spending much time on that danged thing this spring. I put about six hours into it last week. It will probably look great in May and June, but that's it. Then comes hot, humid weather and lawn diseases. No good air circulation around here to dry it out.

Flagstone path finally done across the back of the cabin. Need bush/shrubbery ideas between stones and house where wheel barrel sits. About 24 inches space.

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  1. North Georgia huh. WE use to live in GA for two years. That it is until I felt like I was suffocating there because I love being near the water (born and raised in south florida). Don't get me wrong I do love GA (being able to see the seasons change). Its just after a while I feel like I'm being closed in. My husband still to this day can't understand that.

    Best wishes