Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wilkerson Mill Gardens Visit - Palmetto GA

Off the beaten path about 15 miles west of the Atlanta airport. Lot's of roads named mill on that side of town.

Anyway lot's of stuff to see. I was disappointed in that one of the hydrangeas I wanted was sold out. I did settle on a climbing hydrangea called Moonlight Climbing Hydrangea. Going to have to be patient with this one. Real patient. Woman at Wilkerson noted some of these may take awhile to bloom depending on what you want out of them.

So that means if I want blooms and height it could take 5-10 years! Oh my gawd! She had mentioned one she had (different variety I think) took seven years. It's a matter of training them to what height you want I reckon. So this one can climb to 40 feet, perfect for this location next to the creek, but a few small trees trees may have to be cut back (another angle below). Moonlight likes the shade too. Another perfect match for this spot.

Looking further back, or this pic taken from the porch a good view of the location behind the two small Hostas...and it has a number of buds on it already seen above! Blooms in summer.

Here's a peak of what it's supposed to look like in bloom...from

The other selection is Popcorn Viburnum or Japanese Snowball. I chose three of these that may be planted behind the fence line near the yard (below). Blooms in the early spring (done already) Grows to 8 foot by 8 foot.

Fenceline area...

What they look like in bloom and larger..from

I hope I have the patience for these.

More pics...

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