Thursday, May 6, 2010

Will Work For Beer

Funny how not much was getting done around here when the fridge was nearly void of beer! A trip to the local liquor store for this rare Miller product and the problem was solved.

Yessir. Great granny gardener (GGG) is in town until later this month. At least we have a plan this time around. Last fall not much got done, but then it's not a planting time of the year for the most part. It will be different this fall considering how well the Violas did. They look to be the longest blooming plants around. Still going strong since late September.

Above is GGG surveying the hoop gardens for survivors. All sorts of snapdragons in there. I thought they were misc weeds. Some Hollyhocks made it..six or so. And finally some healthy seedlings are appearing in those roasting trays I started 6-8 weeks ago.

Give her beer and see what happens? Work, work, work!

Planting Petunias along the wall area again this year. No pinks this year... White and deep purple...The lawn is awesome in this area as expected.

Two lower rocks gardens done...Hostas survived from my spring tilling. White Impatiens and red Begonias are new this year

Several perennials made it here...Newbies include Begonias and Coleus.

Moving down to the creek. I did the rock area about two weeks ago along with the hanging planters. GGG handled the black barrels today with White Impatiens, Red Salvia, and some Zinnias. Not sure what'll happen here as the area gets quite a bit of shade.

More barrels! Hibiscus, Shade Petunias, Ageratum,Variegated Vinca Vine, and Angelonia.

It's Miller Time...


  1. GGG. Good one! Looks like you're having fun and the lawn is beautiful.

  2. Enjoyed the photos of your rock gardens as we are planning to set one up at our eastern shore (VA) home. We have a small mini-farm and several wildflower areas here. Your settings are so picturesque and descriptive. I enjoy reading your postings. GGG sure is a hard worker!

  3. hahaha the last photo made me crack up and wow we don't have coke zero vanilla over here in NZ. Good post bud