Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mountain Laurel & Critters

GGG keeps telling me "get some pictures of the Mountain Laurel." Okay, finally. Quite a few of them up the driveway. Most are white, whereas I thought there were more pinks. Plenty of them at the turn in the driveway near the bottom where the location of these pics were taken.

Let's see what else is new. Besides the chiggers that are now out we had a different critter visit a few nights ago. I'm assuming it was a bear by the looks of what happened to the bird feeder. Not to mention the grass is beaten down around the base of the feeder...and black hair found on the barbed wire.

Another smallish critter slinking around. It surprises me considering how much I've been turning over rocks the past few months I haven't seen more snakes. I'm guessing this is an eastern milk snake according to my brief research.

Oh I forgot those dirty birds that made a nest on the porch under the rain spout. Eastern Phoebes They love to crap all over stuff. They flew the coup Wednesday. I can't imagine them actually being able to live in the small nest shown. These guys were piled on top of each other. Five in all. And no, that's not momma bird in there either. The nest itself is almost flat instead of cone shaped.

I'll have to keep an eye or ear out for these things next year. They aren't invited!


  1. Eww. You can keep your critters!

  2. Nesting birds can be a nuisance. We've had barn swallows nest on top of a small speaker on our front porch. Cute at first, then such a mess afterwards. After they hatched and flew the next, we put a wire enclosure around the speakers to discourage future nestings. Both the swallows and finches tried again, but we discouraged them every time and have remained nestless since to our relief!

  3. How I love Mt Laurel! We will miss it this year - not gonna get to the mountains in time. Oh well, we have been lucky up til now. I planted some Mt Laurel here on the Shore. No one recognizes it. But it has survived - one plant is 9 years old! I also brought some rocks down from our place in the Poconos to put around the ML - just to make them feel more at home, dontcha know...
    Um, we don't have rocks here. Or stones... just sand, clay and oyster shells! And imported gravel!