Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Trip Up The Back Hill

Across the creek and a trip up the hill in the backyard. Something I've been wanting to do since moving here. Not much of a struggle at all, considering I've cut down on the smokes from two packs to about a half pack per day. I'm itching for one right now...ack!

Looks like a deer trail about half way up the hill. I've seen them in the area before, but they never hear me because of the rushing creek water.

White Mountain Laurel or Rhododendron, whatever you prefer. Plenty of those coming out all over the pace, but more pinks than whites.

Lot's of ferns on the hill...

Made it to the top, but forget trying to get through. Heavy with small pines and thickets. The area on the other side had been logged with what could have been the last ten years or so. It looks like if I want to see the other side (and the view) I'll need to do some clearing or wait until winter.

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