Friday, May 14, 2010

Morning Glories At A Snails Pace

Planted April 4. Considering how much these things are supposed to grow during the season I thought they would be doing better than this. But, I'm impatient for sure. The plan is to have them climb the side of the house. Types planted are Heavenly Blue and Crimson Rambler. For now I've constructed a low chicken wire face for them to climb...whenever. Once they pass that point it's fishing line tied to eye hooks in a grid pattern up the side. Expected height 12 feet.

Yea, they're barely visible. Half to one inch tall. Dwarf morning glories (MG) are planted about six inches away (in front) from the regular MG.

The ladder has been leaning against the house for three days now. Damned carpenter bees have had a drill-a-thon this spring. Busy plugging holes with two way up top left to be done. I've never been fond of extension ladders...chicken.

Driveway getting colorful with Dianthus...

A close-up near the front steps..

And a late spring bulb bloomer. Dutch Iris with some Allums behind. They don't impress me for some reason.

GGG hard at work planting Shasta Daisies, Catnip, and Lavendar. Also some Mexican Heather in the foreground. Notice those pain in the rear daffodil stalks? The consensus points at cutting them back after six weeks past blooming to return next year. GGG disagrees.

and this guy has been showing up like clockwork since GGG has been spoiling him. That's Lewis the neighbor dog.

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