Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Granny Gardener Video

I've been meaning to put something together, so I grabbed the small Sony still camera that has video capabilities. Not the best quality. Each time there's movement on top of the tripod it can be heard. You can also hear a zippering sound when the zoom functions, but hey it's just a thrown together video.

So here we have GGG talking about trimming plants. Considering I'm still kind of clueless on the subject,  now I have something of reference. Incidentally a few new areas have been developed in case you're wondering.."I don't remember those..." In particular are some new bushes in front of the downstairs storage area seen in one segment of the video. The name is Nandina and they can be kept in check easily. Come fall they do offer some great autumn color. I wanted to extend them all the way across the back but one buried stump prevented that effort. Now it's filled in with Snap Dragons and Zinnia.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas planted about a week ago down by the creek. They should reach 3-4 feet in height and width. They're actually beginning to flower! Same with the climbing hydrangea in the next photo.

Enjoy the video. Hopefully a few more in the coming week.

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