Tuesday, May 4, 2010

West Side Garden

I started this entry three weeks ago.

What to do? It's separated by shade and intense mid day sun. Add dry and wet to the mix too. Part of the area is on top of the drain field. One reason why some leftover fencing has been laying on the ground for two weeks. I can't go down more than 18 inches on the extreme left part of the pic.

Let's see what else is going on here? Calla Lillies (9) in the small area next to wheel barrel, along with two Stella De Oro.

Left of wheel barrel:  Canna President  (7) on each side with Princess Di  lilies(5) in between. President is supposed to get four to six feet tall and loves the wet stuff with hot sun. This one could be a good choice, but time will tell.

Above that in the second area...Gladiolus (25) with seven Cancun Lilies(4 +3 on the ends) Those three areas should get about 6 hours sun.

Rear- Shade garden #1. Elephant ear in center where orange flag is.Two types of Caladiums and about a dozen Coleus. None of that stuff interested me whatsoever last summer, but they look interesting now.

May 3..Salvia and Lantana (3) next to wall below window. Four wallflowers planted in with Salvia.

Gladiolus and Cancun Lilies...with Coleus and other no shows in background. With recent warmer soil temps(apprx 70 degrees) something should start happening soon.

Lawn always looks great in May...

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