Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will Work For Food:)

What a deal! My son Ryan is now living up here in the mountains. Considering he's known nothing but Florida all his life I'm hoping he fits in worries me. Dad is quite proud he overcame some problems a few years ago and has a new lease on life or as Pastor Anastasi calls it "returning him with a sound mind to his family." Sound? Yes. Quite a change has taken place. I expect to have some video sometime soon. Yea, I know I said that about GGG, but she came down with a case of chigger fear. In other words no more outdoors!

There will be lot's of wood to chop this summer. Here's part of a smaller tree I took down a few weeks ago that had died a few years back.

Let's see what else is happening. Lawn work? Sure.

Here's a good pic of Ryan for his Facebook profile when we were in Florida last week.

That's about it for now....

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  1. Congradulations goes out to Ryan from all the Parkers. You're looking great and we're all very proud of you!