Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Lilies? Sure Why Not

About a year ago I noticed all over town these yellow flowering plants that I thought were some kind of daffodil. Remember I didn't know squat about this gardening thing then. I really wanted the Stella Del Oro as they're more of a golden color but nowhere to be found the last few weeks. Instead some other interesting types have found a home. Here's a group of three nestled in the larger area to the west of the house. Name is seen in the bottom left hand corner when clicking for a larger image.

Tucked away behind some Shasta Daises is another type claimed to be fragrant or is that just part of the marketing angle? More research...too much stuff to remember.There are several more up the drive of the same variety planted in the alpine garden area (pic below). Not sure how these buggers will do considering it can get quite dry up there and they are struggling by the looks of the browning leaves. Hey the tag says "water wise." I'm assuming it does okay during dry conditions?

Oh look here, another new garden. This is directly north of the cabin. Some more repeat lilies.

Along the driveway in the newer rail road tie gardens. I have not been satisfied with this camera of late. Pictures aren't as sharp as they have been. I probably messed with a setting?

Alpine garden area...


  1. really enjoy seeing the gardens around your cabin. Everything looks very nice and it seems like a restful place...after all the work is done! We ordered several varieties of daylilies during a recent visit to a local daylily farm here on the VA eastern shore. We're not picking the bulbs up until August and hopefully will have a larger area ready to plant them for next season's blooming.

  2. Daylilies are indeed colorful as we learned when visiting a daylily farm recently. We ordered several varieties and will expand a garden in the front yard. Hopefully we'll have lots of yellows and purples in bloom next spring. Love to see how your garden is progressing.

  3. I've been tempted to pull into a local day lily farm I discovered not long ago. Blessing or mistake?

  4. After visiting the one here on the eastern shore - Sterrett Gardens (and there is a website) we decided to invest in some cause the orange ones are way too prolific here and we needed a change. The new ones will be yellows and purples. We're not picking them up until sometime in August. Hopefully, the spot we plan to put them will be ready by then.