Friday, June 4, 2010

Garden Updates

It's been awhile since I showed any progress here. GGG's talented work is showing. The first area shows some hanging baskets and ones that are sitting on pedestals atop the rock wall. The yellow violas planted last September continue to roll on. You may also notice the Dianthus was given a haircut. They just got too scraggly looking with dead buds, and I wasn't about to take my time with them one by one. So it was scissors and just cut 'em down to about 6 to 8 inches. Rumor has it they may re bloom later this summer.

More of the Dianthus along the driveway. The shamrocks are beginning to show some flowers on the other side of the fence, but these danged things are growing much slower than I thought, but the soil is pretty bad. Only 2-3 inches high. More violas! Yellow and purplish or do they call that Lavender?

Moving on....These are the traveling Geraniums. They spend the winter and spring in Florida with the summer and fall months in Georgia.

How about some lemon twist Petunias? I picked these up about six weeks ago.

Over near the path into the woods are some white Begonias and Asslysum in the trays.

Moving down to the rock gardens. Lot's of color especially with the Astilbes. Center. pinkish color. Pinkish Begonias (red in clay pots), White Impatiens and others.

Down near the creek along the pathway. Endless summer Hydrangeas decided to become pinkish in color. Time to throw some coffee grinds around for deep blues.

Moving to the Hosta garden. They're growing and a few are budding...

Close-up of climbing hydrangea...

I'm not pleased with what's going on here. Several summer bulbs have not appeared including two elephant ears. Nice color variation in the Coleus. Caladiums making progress.

That's about all for now.


  1. The garden updates are really lovely - flowers and stones go together so well. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy checking out the yardwork photos on your blog. Please feel free to stop by and visit our blog place as well...