Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hostas Blooming

It's Hosta blooming season. I have five or six varieties so far, but I can see some internet buys for next years showing. Do you know how many types of Hostas there are? I thought they were downright boring a year ago, but I have so much shade around here, what else can I plant? Yea...I know the list, including these temperamental seedlings started May 7.


Back to the Hostas...

This one has been here since 2008 but moved to a happy place.

And ones across the creek...

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  1. No, I didn't know there were so many hosta varietes, but ma not surprised. After our trip to a local daylily farm last Friday, I found oe nore types of daylilies than I ever saw before. You can "see" a few of them on our blog spot. Saying there were a lot is definitely an understatement. Hope it's a bit cooler at your cabin than here at the Frog & Penguinn. Our heat index is over 100 now!