Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Late Summer Pictures

I never took a picture from this angle, but it does give a good overall idea of the back yard size looking from the edge of the woods. Morning mist after a few days rain. Sun peaking through.

From the other side of the woods

Black Eyed Susan vine mixed in with some Marigolds and Begonia nearby...

Moon flowers still going strong but nearing the end. It's been five weeks of steady blooms.

Poldka Dot plant with another BES vine (late seeder, no blooms yet)

A newer smallish garden for Coleus. They faded quite a bit when put into 4-6 hours sun.

Annual Salvia love this spot. It is very rich in organic stuff though.

Finally some fall bulbs. Gladiolus bicolor acidanthera.

Just started blooming a week ago. One by one. 

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