Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Foliage & Some Things Thrive

Like the Nasturtiums that never do much of anything until the cooler weather arrives or so it seems. In previous years I just gave up on them in the middle of the summer.

Black Eyed Susan Vines are putting out nicely. This is Spanish Eyes.

Yellow colored Marigolds that grow about 20 inches in height finally bushed out along drive. Zinnias in background.

Mexican sunflowers (background) found a better place this year. However they did get knocked back quite a bit from the heavy rains of about a month ago. Very fragile with their hollow stems. Coleus gradually fading with a Pineapple Sage taking the stage this time of the year.

Mums planted from two years ago, moved two times to this spot under shade. All the Asters bought at fire sale prices last fall for one dollar failed to make it one year. Well, some are hanging in here and there but the plant size is 80% less. Scraggly. Not worth a picture.

Some fall foliage...

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