Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Project?

Time to get back home. I was planning on returning from Florida April 1st, but the Florida boredom is setting in. Been thinking about the dry areas along and up the driveway. Nuttin' wants to grow in the dry summer months. It has great soil after working it the last two years, but dries out too fast. First I thought of lining the bottoms with 6 mil plastic sheathing then crystal polymers came to mind. How about irrigation? I've always toyed with getting water up there from the creek. The current method and small pump will not get water up there. House water can get halfway up the drive but it's annoying and considering it's shared spring water, Carl my neighbor wouldn't hear of it. Think running out of water in August.

Ram Pumps

They're hydraulic requiring no power to use except the force of the creek water, or something like that. More with these videos...

Definitely more research is required.

Solar pump? Height is probably too great.

Florida? Been tinkering here and there with Mom's gardens. Caladiums brought down from Georgia coming through the ground.

I got some potato vines from up the road I hope to take back with me when they recover from their transplant. Little buggers are three bucks each at home. Hope to get a few dozen plants from this.

Oh, constructed some netting for Moonflower and morning glory to climb in the backyard. Can't believe that project got approved!

Not enough sun in the area now, so they wait for transplant. Rumor has it they don't like being transplanted? Oh well, wait and see.

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