Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beter Luck This Year

Now I'm finally getting into the mood. Petunias? They've impressed me off and on over the past few years. Problem is I have only a few spots for them and they're in the dry areas mentioned the other day. Hopefully that will be resolved this year with some kind of irrigation or...polymer crystals. But...these things that spread onto the driveway thrive in the dry heat. Must be the alkaline soil, and or the gravel does hold or keep some moisture somehow(Daves Garden contributor mentioned gravel to retain moisture).

Had I not transplanted a couple of dozen in early July to the next area, they would be massive. Both pictures taken August 17 last year. The bank area gets too shady come September so they do fade away.

Here's one problem dry area. Built two years ago it's never done well except for some crazy Celosia that grew kind of funky in 2010. Too ugly for me. Shown are standard Petunias same date. That's probably peak appearance. I think they were discounted by Lowes. Never did do well.

Getting mixed up between wave petunias and trailing Petunias over the years, it looks like the trailing wins around here. I'm almost certain that's what was started near the drive (top photo) in 2008 or 2009 and they've come roaring back each year. My waves (seed) from last year didn't wave too well. More like just stick up and that's it. Cutting back didn't help.

So that leads me to this years option. NC Farms. They offer 105 plug flats for about $40.00 each. At least I'll be a few months ahead of schedule when we consider seeded petunias or reseed don't really start growing until late June. Order? Hold on. About 400 petunia plugs and 300 coleus. Should be interesting. Oodles of color hopefully.

Oh did I mention the dismal failure of growing petunia from seed this year in Florida? 200 plug flat started in mid January...three itty bitty seedlings. I thought mother would have Petunias out her ears this summer. Not so. I probably let them dry out one or two days.

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