Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Petunias On A Hill Part 2

Petunias On A Hill Part 1

Having increased the Petunia plug order another 100 to a total of 400, I had to scout out places for all these trailing Petunias. Consensus says plant each one 18-24 inches apart. Knowing how I like bushy or full color, I'm sure one can guess which number I'm looking at. My math. My math tells me it figures to be 36 plants every 100 square feet.

Hmmn. 400. But how many will not make it? 50? The first area mentioned previously looks to be around 230 square feet or 85 plants. A newly proposed area measuring 51 by ten feet totals 510 square feet or 180 plants. That leaves us with 85 considering 50 may not make it.

What's the new color? Pink. Huh? pink? I thought I didn't want any pink. Problem is the limited selection. But thinking it over those pink waves mother bought three years ago looked okay.

July 20, 2009

Where's The New Location?

Maybe I mentioned it previously but here goes. This is on the north side of the drive, same as the first area but further up. Sure it's rocky but the soil isn't starving with the PH tests I've done. And yes why not that rock wall I've been thinking of for a few years? It will be low as rocks are getting scarce around here. In fact it will be a tough job finding enough, or at least ones that are downhill from the area. I'm not pushing rocks up these hills anymore.

Test Plants

Having a number of petunias that survived the winter I have four test areas, or enough time to see how my soil mix works. It doesn't seem like the warm weather will quit

So Where Are The Other 85 Going?

This may take up 40 (in front of fence) including some in the larger flower pots.

How To Arrange Them In All Locations?

I don't know. Pink, purple one spot? All colors thrown in together?


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