Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Better Seed Starting Greenhouse

Last week while looking around at all the spring growth I counted something like 35 perennial plants I started from seed last year. Nearly all are doing quite well, especially some Painted Daisies and Foxglove. The latter seem to thrive around far.

Anyway even though I probably started well over 200 from seed (forget those worthless Coleus) last year I thought I'd probably be pretty bummed out a few years from now if I didn't have more. It's all about getting them started under good conditions, or that's the way I see it.

Anyway a nice comfy spot in what retains quite a bit of radiant heat during colder nights should do the trick. Made from leftovers laying about, it too me a few hours to put this together. It has to be the warmest location in the spring.

Stuff started:

Two types of Foxglove
Nasturtium Milkmaid trailing -  This one is going in part shade and good soil. Has not worked under other conditions.
Red Hot Poker - last try
Dazzler Gaillardia - a half dozen doing well from last year
American Dream Coreopsis - last try, great colors
Snow In Summer
Jacob's Ladder - Don't know why
Columbine - ditto, they're tough, but the two year olds from seed are looking better this year.
Assorted others.

A peak inside...

Big improvement from this...

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