Monday, April 30, 2012

Petunias On A Hill Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

Coming along nicely with some ideas added to the plan, particularly the second leg of the trailing Petunia extravaganza. I thought a break in the mass might look different. Two small raised areas were constructed from 2 x 12" pressure treated lumber. The problem is what to put in there. I have petunias above and below the areas with some ornamental grass from seed here and there. A mass showing of white Angelonia? I need a place to stick some more. Let's not forget those Verbena I bought in six packs yesterday...all 36 of them.

Here's a different angle similar to the original.. before changes were made.

The first leg of the Petunia party near the house. The flowering ones were planted about nine days ago and survived a frost. Yes, they are thirsty lil critters..for now.

Going further up the driveway and past the second leg on the right are 5-6 Petunias each section (left of fence) along with two white Angelonias near every fence post. I also sprinkled some pink and white Cosmos near the posts as well. I know I'll be driving over Petunias all summer long. It should be a massive show considering I have access to water up and down the driveway now...AND as long as I DON'T GET HUNGRY CRITTERS!

Oh, and the centerpiece rock area. I've heard Vinca vines do well in full sun so I scavenged a few clumps of them from the other side of the house. Still not sure what else to do, although I did stick six or seven sun Coleus in there with some Saliva. I'm beginning to see a large surplus of  Coleus. I only wish I could have had a smaller quantity choice. Maybe they'll grow on the creek banks? Creeping Jenny does.


  1. Interesting comment about driving over them all summer. I think you're correct. I can't wait to see it filled in.

  2. Your garden keeps looking better and better.

    No photos of the lawn in a while. Did you get a handle on that drainage and compaction issue?