Thursday, April 19, 2012

How Big Are Flower Plugs From North Carolina Farms?

Finally after several months drooling over the possibility of massive shows of color, my plug order arrived. Both Fed Ex and UPS always have trouble finding this place. At least Fed Ex calls. UPS? They just throw it anywhere at anyone's house, mailbox, on any freaking street.. Screw them anyway.

How Big? The picture tells the story. This is one trailing Petunia plug. Almost about the size one would get from six pack annuals at the local stores, but the root ball is much smaller.

What did I get into? My gosh. Take a look see. I'm tired just looking at them.

Incidentally. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned. The original order was changed somewhat because all white Petunias had some kind of disease and were thrown out by the grower. much as I am not crazy about pink, they were sold out. So, I am left with a slight contrast problem as there are purple, red, and blue types. I had 'em throw in 100 white Angelonia, but how to arrange is an issue as there's quite a height difference. I'll dream something up.

Healthy looking buggers eh? They did look a bit tired from a two day ship time. So far I transferred (45 minutes) 40 to small cups and thought they were too small, but I'm not buying hundreds of 4" plastic pots. I'm thinking why bother with the Petunias. Grower admits 50 degree temps and lower at night are fine but will take longer.  I've moved smaller ones a few weeks ago that are doing just fine. Not being sure how far they hardened off the Angelonia and Coleus, they'll probably be kept safe for awhile in the larger greenhouse. Only problem is they're so crowded.

More later. I'm tired looking at them. Oh, yea. Here's a test spot for the Petunias. Temps may dip back into the low 30's early next week with another frost possibility.


  1. WOW!!! I'm tired looking at it also but what possibilities! They look very healthy considering the transport. These are going to be fun to watch grow.

  2. Fun to watch? I don't think they're going to spread like they should on that steep of an area. I guess I could always spread 'em out when they begin growing and support them with twigs.

    1. I ordered a few 105 plug flats of coleus for a mass planting. I ended up just planting the plugs right in the ground. They took a little while to grow, but they are now a show stopper.